Yo Yo

The estate of Domaine YoYo is made up of 7 distinct plots,
spread out in four hectares, all in the Banyuls Cru of the Rousillon. Their natural production was certified organic in 2008. Their vines of Carignan and Grenache are over 100 years old. Everything on the estate is done by hand, horse or mule (Uma).



Vdf “La Tranchée” 2017 (Grenache)

Vdf “La Tranchée” 2018 (Grenache)

Vdf “Akoibon” 2017 (Grenache/Mourvèdre)

Vdf “Akoibon” 2018 (Grenache/Mourvèdre)

Vdf “KM 31” 2017 (Grenache Gris/Noir/Carignan)

Vdf “KM 31” 2018 (Grenache Gris-Noir/ Carignan)

Vdf “La Négra” 2018 (Grenache Noir/Carignan)


Vdf “Restaké” 2017 (Grenache & Carignan Gris/Blanc)

Vdf “Restaké” 2018 (Grenache/Carignan Blanc & Gris)


Vdf “Vent Debout” 2018 (Grenache Noir)

Vdf “La Vierge Rouge” 2018 (Grenache Noir/Gris)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles