Porto del Vento

Under the artistry of owner/winemaker Marco Sferlazzo, Porta del Vento is making some of the most exciting, wines in all of Sicily and beyond. The tiny, Porta del Vento winery sits 2000 feet above Palermo, near the village of Camporeale, an area of Sicily where nature can be very harsh. At 600m elevation, on incredibly steep slopes, this area is known for constant, brutal winds, blowing through the vineyards. These ever-present winds, along with the large, diurnal, temperature range, allow for wines of great concentration, character, low alcohol and racy acidity. The 100% Certified Organic and Biodynamic wines, which adhere to a strict, non-interventionist approach are produced unfiltered, so as to not deprive them of the elements that make them unique. Porta del Vento's wines are uniquely expressive, conveying emotion and terroir.


IGP Terre Siciliane “Maquè” 2016 Rosso

IGP Terre Siciliane “Ishac” 2016 (Nero d’Avola)

IGP Terre Siciliane “Perricone” 2014 


IGP Terre Siciliane “Catarratto” 2017

IGP Terre Siciliane “Voria” 2018 Bianco (Catarratto)


IGP Terre Siciliane “Trebbi” 2016

“Luna Calante” 2017 (Catarratto 30 days maceration) 


IGP Terre Siciliane “Maquè” 2017 Rosato

IGP Terre Siciliane “Voria” 2018 Rosato (Perricone)


Pet’ Nat “Voria” Bianco NV (Catarratto)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles