Mylene Bru

Born in raised in the Corbières, Mylene now calls the Languedoc home Her estate is a small one.  She works biodynamically on a mere 5 hectares, where she grows a litany of different  varieties like Temperanillo,Aubun, Chasselas, and more. The vineyards are covered in a local herb, 'garrigue', which impart an unmistakable savory flavor to her elegant, natural wines.



Vdf “Lady Chasselas” 2017

Vdf “Zingara” 2018 (Marsanne)


Vdf “Far Ouest” 2018 (Grenache/Syrah/Carignan/Cinsault)

Vdf “Rita” 2018 (Carignan)

Vdf “Les Moulins de mon Coeur” 2016 (Cinsault/Carignan/Syrah)

Vdf “les Moulins de mon Coeur” 2018 (Cinsauly/Carignan/Syrah)

Vdf “Franquette” 2018 (Syrah)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles