Domaine L&R KOX

The winery was founded in 1977 by Laurent and Rita Kox, when they took over the family’s business in order to transform it from a grape cultivating to a wine making domain. Today, the family has expanded the winery to 10 hectares and produces typical and atypical Mosel wines. Short macerations and low to no added sulphites for  light and fresh Mosel wines.



AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise “Crémant du Luxembourg” Cuvée Dozage Zéro NV


Côte de Remich “Elbling” 2015 

Côte de Remich “Auxerrois” 2016

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise “Riesling 1er Grand Cru Schwebsange Kolteschberg” 2016


AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise “Pinot Noir” 2016


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles