Julie et Toby Bain-bridge

In 2012, after a few years under the tutelage and employ of Rene Mosse, Toby and Julie went out on their own and started full-time production on their
eponymous domaine.  Toby's an ex-pat from the UK, and Julie found him working on her parent's farm in Arkansas. After a long courtship they settled in Anjou with their two young children. They focus on wines for drinking: fresh, bright and natural.



Vdf “Cuvée Les Jongleurs” 2018 (Chenin Blanc Maceration)


Vdf “Cuvée Rouge aux Lèvres” 2018 (Grolleau)

Vdf “Cuvée 50 : 50” 2018 (Grolleau/Cab Franc)

Vdf “Highway.8” 2017 (Cabernet Franc)


Pet’ Nat “Cuvée La Danseuse” 2018 (Grolleau)

Chavagnes les Eaux, Anjou


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles