Domaine Padie

Jean-Philippe Padié was born and raised in Burgundy, but always dreamed of returning to his grandparent's home in the Southwest. In 2001, after his studies, he moved to the famous village of Calce to make natural wine with alongside the domaine's of Gauby, Matassa, Horizon, and Pithon. He works with no additives or sulphites. His wines are distinctly crafted, with a lifted quality rare in the Roussillon.



Vdf “Petit Taureau” 2018 (Carignan/Syrah)

Vdf “Gibraltar” 2018 (Grenache Noir)

Vdf “Ciel Liquide” 2012 (Grenache/Carignan)


Vdf “Tourbillon de la Vie” 2018 (Maccabeu)

Vdf “Fleur de Cailloux” 2018 (Grenache Gris/Blanc/Macabeu)

Vdf “Milouise” 2017 (Grenache Blanc/Gris/Tourbat/Muscat/Carignan Blanc...)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles