Domaine Leonine

Stephen Moran started as a fashion photographer in Paris before making the move in 2005 to his 12h. estate in the foothills of the Pyrenees.  All of Stephen's cuvées
are produced organically, biodynamically, and without
any added sulfur. "In short, the idea of the domain is to
make wines close to the soil, to digest with, the least possible screen between the grape and the glass ...."

Saint André, Roussillon



Vdf “Amédée” 2018 (Syrah)

Vdf “Bottle Neck” 2017 (Syrah/Grenache)

Vdf “Carbone 14” 2017 (Grenache)


Vdf “Que Pasa” 2017 Skin Contact

Vdf “Que Pasa” 2018 Skin Contact (Grenache Gris/Blanc/Mac)


Vdf “Que Pasa” 2017 Rosé 

Vdf “Que Pasa” 2018 Rosé (Syrah)


Vdf “Barrick White” 2018 (Maccabeu/Chardonnay)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles