Clos des Mourres

"We are craftsman winegrowers, because the term
'craftsman implies that we work by hand.  We choose to work with the earth in a natural way. We found an answer and solutions to our personal convictions in the biodynamie: getting healthy and living soils, favoring the exchanges between roots and soils thanks to microorganisms . It is, in our opinion, the only way to get the pure expression of the terroir."



Vdf “Pompette” Blanc 2017 (Clairette, Grenache, Bourboulenc)

Vdf “Pomoette” Blanc 2018 (Grenache Blanc/ Clairette/ Bourboulenc)


Vacyeras “Milord” 2017 

Vdf “A Table!” 2017

Côtes du Rhône (Grenache, Syrah) BiB 5 Liters

Côtes du Rhône “NoVice” 2017 (Grenache, Syrah)

Côtes du Rhône Villages “Cairanne” 2014 (Grenache/Carignan)

Côtes du Rhône Villages “Cairanne” 2015 (Grenache/Carignan)

Vdf “Pompette” 2018 Rouge (Counoise/Aubun/Tempranillo)

Côtes du Rhône 2016 BiB 5L (Grenache/Syrah)


Vdf “Pompette” 2018 Rosé (Caladoc)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles