Cantina Margo

When Carlo Tabarrini was four, his father and Grandfather would bring him into the vineyards (where he was sometimes allowed to drive the tractor). They made
wine for family consumption and grew grapes to sell.

After school, Carlo began work in a chocolate factory, but always dreamed of the vineyards. In 2008, he started Cantina Margo, and from 2016 until now it has been his sole focus. He began with .5 Hectares from abandoned or neglected vineyards in the South of Enea (Umbria), and is now up to 3.  He enjoys his "simple space to ferment grapes in peace, without too much technology.



Umbria “Fiero Rosato” 2016 (Sangiovese)


Umbria “Fiero Bianco” 2016 (Grechetto 2 days on skin)

IGT Umbria “Fiero Bianco” 2018 (Grechetto) 

Umbria “Regio Bianco” 2016 (Trebbiano 6 days on skin) 

IGT Umbria “Fiero Rosato” 2018 (Trebbiano)


Umbria “Margò Rosso” 2016 (Sangiovese)

IGT Umbria “Fiero Rosato” 2018 (Sangiovese)


Umbria “Fiero Surlì” 2016 (Trebbiano)


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles